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 Kennedy Israel, Israel's leading company
 for over 40 years, the company main
 activities engage in Entrepreneurship,
 construction and renting commercial
 centers all over Israel.  

 Nuna represents leading international
 brand and companies, from various categories.
תמונה ללא תיאור
תמונה ללא תיאור
KENNEDY Electric & Properties Ltd. is a leader in small household appliances and kitchen appliances

Try to imagine a day without electrical appliances..

Even during a power outage of a few minutes we walk helplessly and wait for it to pass ..
We live in the twenty-first century, in a world where electrical appliances revolve around us and are no longer a luxury but a way of life.

KENNEDY has been marketing its products in Israel for over 40 years, making it one of the oldest and most experienced companies in Israel.
With excellent reputation and reputation of a serious and well-established company with a rich variety of products, suitable for every pocket.

KENNEDY adheres to values:

 Safety, health and quality.
Therefore, you will find that KENNEDY products are health-oriented products made of high-quality materials that guarantee quality and health in use.
In addition, you will find many products that have undergone Badatz training and are very suitable for Shabbat and tradition.
As well as safety that is expressed in the proper design of the product that prevents damage from its use.
All our years of experience and experience in designing small electrical appliances for the home and kitchen have been invested in the development of suitable and special products such as baby bottles heating devices, health and safety kettles and more.

KENNEDY has worked very hard to ensure innovation and quality in its products, so that you can enjoy the best refinements in our technological world.

KENNEDY markets a wide range of high-quality household electrical and electronic products, and is well known for its quality of service.

At your disposal:

Raanana: The Electric Bazaar, 152 Ahuza Street, Tel: 09-8853030

Kfar Saba: The Electric Bazaar, 42 Weizman St., Tel: 09-7747075

Ramat Gan: The Electric Bazar, Herzl 52, Tel. 03-5543870

Rishon Lezion: 16 Moshe Halevy St., Tel: 03-9519865

KENNEDY offers many service centers throughout the country that allow maximum convenience and availability in service delivery.

At your service, Kennedy's service centers are deployed nationwide

Main Service Center Rishon Le Zion "Beit Kennedy" Moshe Levy St. 16 Telephone: 03-9612777
Jerusalem and the South
Jerusalem: "Electricity House" Ezra 12 Street Tel: 02-5814507
 Ashdod: "Rafi Lab" Street Commercial Center A Shop 60 Telephone: 08-8533976
Beer Sheva: "Meeker Mix" Hechalutz 102 Beer Sheva; 08-6232717
 Bat Yam: "Beit Or" at the Ramat Yosef Commercial Center Tel: 03-5065643
Sharon and the North
 Netanya: "Electro Rami" Weizmann Street 18 Telephone: 09-8847338
 Kfar Saba: "AB Electrical Services" - Rothschild 61 Telephone: 09-7674410
 Kiryat Bialik: "Eldan" Jerusalem Street 15 Telephone: 04-8722442
 Tiberias: "Galil Electrician Service" Lev Agam Commercial Center Tel: 04-6737650
KENNEDY has established an independent sales site that allows you to purchase the company's products online, get your warranty and products up to your home!
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